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Christopher Chalaka

Co-founder and former Executive Director

Christopher is a 2nd generation South Asian-Taiwanese American who works at the intersection of health, environment and diversity. He is a founding member of Outdoor Asian, an organization that aims to create a community of Asian & Pacific Islanders (API) in the outdoors by hosting culturally-relevant spaces, fostering leadership development, and providing a platform for storytelling and untold histories.

Christopher was inspired to this field after working with a number of environmental justice organizations in the United States and conducting field research on the impact of climate change on nomadic herders living in the Mongolian Altai. He is a graduate of Swarthmore College where he earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Biology. Christopher is currently a medical student at the University of Washington. During his free time, he loves rock climbing, foraging for mushrooms, making pottery, playing disc golf and reading.

Christopher Chalaka
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