Mission & Values

Our Mission


To create a diverse and inclusive community of Asian & Pacific Islanders in the outdoors.

What We Do


1. Engage communities with locally-based trips, outings and workshops to inspire individuals and families in the outdoors.


2. Create a platform to lift up stories and histories of our communities to reflect on our ever-changing relationship to ecology and nature.

3. Connect individuals to a wide-ranging network to create API leaders in the outdoor recreation and environmental sectors.


Our Values


1. Equity - to increase API access to outdoor recreation

2. Advocacy - to build API solidarity with Indigenous, Black, Latinx, LGBTQ/queer/trans communities


3. Representation - to augment and shift the narrative of the outdoors and conservation


4. Stewardship - to nurturing conservation and respect for our ecological systems.

5. Education - to promote multitude ways of knowing and experiencing our environment through evidence-based scientific methods, spiritual and cultural knowledge

6. Community - Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community that provides space for our intersecting identities, of culture, language, citizenship status, (dis)ability, neurodiversity, gender, sexuality, class, race and age.