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Blooming in Winter

To our dear friends and family

Far to the east, there is a flower that quite unusually prefers to open its petals in the bitter cold of winter. For innumerous generations, they were the only reminders of brighter and warmer days. One by one, through sleet and snow, the buds of the Camellia plant bloom each winter, dotting a gray landscape with bright watercolor - rosy red, a sunny yellow, and the gentlest pink.

There may be not a single one of these plants where you live - you may have never even seen one in real life. But look closer, and you will see Camellias all around.

From the brave fighters championing justice on the streets, to the talented heroes saving lives in hospitals, to the tireless moms and dads keeping their children engaged, and yes to the empathetic many at home - patiently awaiting a new chapter. You are all Camellias, blooming in winter.

With a full heart, we thank you for inspiring us to persevere through a harsh year, and with a hopeful heart, we look forward to sharing meals, summiting mountains, climbing walls, swimming lakes, and enjoying the sunshine, together in the New Year.

See you on the other side.

The Outdoor Asian team

Camellias on Jeju Island

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