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History in the Outdoors

History of Asian & Pacific Islander Americans in the Outdoors

We are pretty certain that Asian & Pacific Islander communities have a vast and rich history in the outdoors from listening to the stories of our families and ancestors. However, on Google, we were unable to find a compiled history of Asian & Pacific Islander Americans in the outdoors. This page serves as a collection of our preliminary research on this topic that we would like to share with the Outdoor Asian community.


Feel free to submit suggestions below or contact us directly to become more involved in this project. We would also like for you to have the opportunity to submit stories from your family, personal biography or ancestors.



Graduate student uncovers some artifacts in fishing village Monterey, CA

Chinese immigration, a father-son relationship in fishing village Monterey, CA

An artist's story about her discovery of her family roots in fishing village Monterey, CA


Article: Chinese shrimpers in China Camp Village, California

Pacific Northwest

Chinese cannery workers in Astoria, Oregon

Alaska Native, Caucasian, Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino work at the Kake Cannery, Alaska



Article: Vietnamese shrimp in the Alabama bayou


Vietnamese and Cambodian fishermen in New Orleans sue BP over oil spill


Grapes Of Wrath: The Forgotten Filipinos Who Led A Farmworker Revolution

Roads, rails & infrastructure
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