Sara Wang

Washington State Event Coordinator

My love for outdoor activities started as a child when my parents took me skiing every winter and swimming every summer. Eventually, I developed different outdoor interests and hobbies including snowboarding, indoor/outdoor bouldering and top-roping, longboarding, hiking, and camping. While I consider myself an amateur in all the activities listed, I do love sharing these experiences with other people and very much look forward to going out with y’all soon.

My cultural background is a little more complicated than my background with the outdoors. My parents and their families are all immigrants from their respective countries, with my mother coming from Italy and my father coming from Hong Kong. I was born in Italy but raised in Seattle, technically making me a 1.5 generation immigrant from Italy, but personally I identify as Chinese American (but love my Italian side all the same).

Sara uses She/Her Pronouns

Favorite hobby: Bouldering at SBP!