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How can children do homework remotely?

The first person to learn lettering hasn't even taken a hand yet “The real challenge as a mother of four is the real challenge in everyday life,” says Gepar, who considers himself lucky to be at home on maternity leave to care for his three older children. (graduate, first grader and preschooler). - Seniors are quite independent, fortunately, so they can enter the system alone, they mostly need help with homework, teachers try to give homework that children can do on their own, or order from a company (Bid for writing). We make sure not to talk about school all day, we try to do homework right after school so that we can be free during the day, ”said the mother.

According to him, first-graders are in an even more difficult situation because they have to learn letters online. And when it comes time to write your first essay, there will be a problem with writing. Fortunately, there is a number paper helper that can help your child. - It would be vital that next to the first was a teacher. My daughter's teacher also said that in twenty years of teaching, there was not a beginner who didn't hold hands while learning letters. Our class ordered small tablets, the children write letters on it, and the teacher watches them on camera, the mother shared her experience of emergency. Providing technical equipment, as well as a separate room for each family member, is also not easy, dad needs a laptop for work, a child for writing essays. Fortunately, there are essay authors ( who will write essays and your dad will be able to work on a laptop. Plus a laptop in the apartment , as they borrowed a device from friends to get both kids. Two schoolgirls study in the same room, both wearing headphones so as not to interfere with each other, and a small preschooler occasionally connects to meetings from his mother's phone. The mother noticed that, unfortunately, her third-grader has classmates who are left at home alone in the mornings, because their parents do not have the opportunity to work from home.

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